Our Brand


Our Brand Design

and the story behind the owl

Kumbayaing around the fire one night, under the stars with owls hooting in the distance, we discussed how we could be as cool and edgy with our Hidden Orchard brand as some of the amazingly hip products out there.

Tossing ideas around while tossing back cider really got our creative juices going. We went from the sublime to the ridiculous and back, scribbling notes down and congratulating ourselves on coming up with a concept that would kick Ryan Reynolds advert for his Aviation Gin into touch.

In the bright light of day, looking at our illegible notes and recalling cringe worthy memories of yelling ‘bring it on Ryan”, we decided to rather let our cider and juice speak for themselves while we quietly murmur encouragement in the background. To remind us of our reckless false bravado we have now incorporated the owl on our branding..